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An outstanding supplier of ingredients and raw
materials of hair and body care product; also an expert of formulation R&D.


Throughout 14 yearsinnovation and development,we have been one leading enterprise in the hair and body care industry enjoying a good reputation . During these 14 years, we only concentrate on 2 points.   point 1: The R&D of ingredients and raw materials of hair and body care products.point 2:The R&D of formulations of hair and body care products . We have been aiming at being the first place in the world and struggling . We are very popular with an extensive range of hair and body care product factories and have successfully helped them fulfill their product upgrading and promote their marketing competitiveness. 



You can get :

1. Our latest formulations for FREE.

2. Formulations customized by your customers for FREE.

3. The services of technical support after sales for FREE.     

4. You have the most stable supplier of the superior products.


Our team and facilities

We have the most advanced chemical synthesis laboratories and highly educated chemical engineer team.


                                                                   Our Invention Patent
                                                                        ( XO Anti-dandruff Itch Removal Agent )

In order to ensure the high quality of the corresponding materials, we have established a production plant covering an area of more than 6800 square meters, equipped with the most advanced production lines and equipment. The factory has a professional production and quality control team.

Single item daily output : 50 tons  

After 14 years of innovation and development, the company has stepped into a more rapid development stage and formulated and implemented internationalization strategy.  Our company to Southeast Asia, including India、Indonesia、Vietnam、 Singapore、Malaysia、 the Philippines 、 sincerely recruit product and service agents、wholesalers、distributors.  Common cause, create a better future. Both from the technical aspect and product competitiveness aspect ,  we firmly believe our cooperation is sure to create a brilliant! We are waiting for you everyone!


The process of being our oversea agent

Contact us and submit application.

email:  [email protected]

Telephone / what’s app :    86-13738789959    Mr. Oscar

You need to submit :  Your company business profile and your Industrial and Business License

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Welcome to our company for business exploration.

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Room 1704-1705, Building5, LvDi HuiChuang Square, No.6 Kexing Road,Baiyun District, Guangzhou,China  

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We inspect your business.  

Step 4              
We sign the cooperation contract.

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.